7 Best Gold Coins to Buy For Investing

If you are looking to buy gold coins as a way of investing in gold, you need to make sure that the gold coins you buy have certain characteristics. The gold coins need to be at least 22K that means their purity should be high. The coins should be widely in circulation so that if they are in scarcity, they do not get removed as monetary property. You also need to sure that the gold coin you buy in is high demand so that if you decide to sell, you can get a fair price for it.

Here are the top 7 recommended and popular gold coins that you can buy as an investment, in no particular order –

  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin
  • Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin
  • Chinese Panda Gold Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
  • South African Krugerrand Gold Coin
  • Turkish Republic Gold Coin

Apart from these, there are a number of other popular gold coins around the world such as Mexican Libertad, British Britannia and British Sovereign, but these have less availability making them difficult to purchase. No matter what gold coin or coins you wish to purchase, make sure that the premium you pay over the spot price is the minimum one you can get.

Investing Your Retirement Funds into a Gold IRA

Investing Your Retirement Funds into a Gold IRA

Now, keeping in mind 2001 and 2008 in hindsight, would you take the risk with your retirement savings if another stock market crashes just before you are going to retire? If the answer is no, you can make use of a Gold IRA Rollover if you already have some type of retirement plan set up such as the 401K that has some funds in it. When the economy of a country drops the gold prices soars, as the investors are looking for a safe place to invest that is pulled out from the risky stock market.

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Many people ask why opt for gold IRA investment when they can keep their money in a diversified bundle of stocks, ETFs and others? The investment experts will tell you that unlike equity investments such as stocks and bonds is a physical product that holds actual value. Equity investment means that you own a part of the company and your profit will depend on how well the business does. But, the price of precious metal increases when the demand for those precious metals increases in the market. Since these precious metals are in small quantity in the world, the demand will only increase in the near future.

If you have never invested in IRAs, gold coins or other precious metals, you might find the process difficult. But, it can be made easier by choosing a good company to help you through the entire process. You need to make sure that you read the reviews of top Gold IRA Companies before making the final selection. 

Choosing from the Best Gold IRA Companies that Meet Your Needs

If you are looking to invest in a gold IRA rollover, a professional IRA company will be greatly beneficial for you. The company then becomes your custodian and will help you with a number of things such as buying IRS approved gold, setting up self directed IRA plan, helping you rollover 401k to gold IRA and also ensuring your gold is safe and secured. Since the gold IRA rollover company will play an important role for your retirement planning, you need to make sure that the company you choose is competent and is the best in your area.

To find the right IRA company, one needs to keep a lot of important factors in mind. The IRA custodians that you work with should be licensed. It is highly recommended to work with a company that offers insurance so that you are protected in case of a calamity in the company. You can check out many online reviews about the company that you want to work with. This will give you a good idea about their policies and their customer relations.

You can find three to four good Gold IRA companies and then schedule an interview with their employees to find out more about their companies and if they are a right fit.